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Media Sharing for Tp-link wireless router

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Media Sharing for Tp-link wireless router

The Media Sharing feature for the TP-Link Wireless Router allows you to directly watch the movies, play the music, or view the photos which are saved on the USB Disk with the help of the DLNA-supported devices.

Here we are sharing instructions on how you can enable Media Sharing feature on the Wi-Fi Router.

Step 1 –

Insert your USB Storage Device either directly or with the help of a USB Cable, into the USB Port of your Wi-Fi Router. USB LED should turn solid after few seconds.

Step 2 –

Open the web interface of your router device by opening the tplinkwifi.net tp link router login page.

Step 3 –

connect to tp link modem

On the TP-Link web interface page, click on the Advanced tab. After that click on USB Settings option on the left pane and under that, you will see Device Settings, click on it. Now see that the name of your USB Device is showing as the TP-Link Router (the name of your router device). In case, if you are not able to find the device name on the page, scan again. Or unplug and plug in the USB again.

If you can see the device name, then it will enable the storage sharing function by default.

Step 4 –

Switch the option of Share All off. And click on the option of Add and then right check the box of Enable Media Sharing.

Step 5 –

Open the Sharing Account. Select Use New Account to form a separate account for login for the USB Device. Or else, you can choose the Use Default Account also and click on Save Tab.

Step 6 –

You can run the media player (Windows Media Player) and go to the library. It will discover the Media server and then you can choose the content.

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